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Domestic Violence, Housing Instability, and Poverty Often Intertwine

Last year, Save the Family was able to help 103 families that had experienced domestic violence within 12 months of entering our programs (31% of the total homeless families we helped last year). Low educational attainment and job skills, as well as a lack of child care and reliable transportation, often mean individuals can only obtain low wage work.

In addition, the following circumstances leave many individuals feeling as though they have little to no control over their lives:

  • Nearly 25% of homeless adults at Save the Family have no high school diploma or GED.
  • Many have limited workforce skills and lack needed support systems.
  • The majority of children are two to three years behind in their academic core competencies.
  • Only 11% of these children’s parents have achieved any post-secondary education.

Left unaddressed, these barriers reduce the ability of individuals and families to achieve financial self-sufficiency and empowerment, thereby trapping them in cycles of poverty and abuse.

Save the Family’s direct service personnel are trained in specialized domestic violence and substance abuse protocols to ensure that every client interaction at Save the Family is consistent with the trauma and substance-abuse recovery process.