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Kyle and his dad, John, have been on their own since Kyle was six months old. It hasn’t been easy, but they’ve been able to get by these past five years. When the company John had worked for since high school closed last year, things fell apart. John and Kyle found themselves out on the streets and eventually, in a shelter. When the two came to Save the Family last fall, John had already applied for nine jobs and hadn’t gotten a single interview.

John started meeting with Save the Family’s Career Development Services team for help with his job search. He revamped his resume and did a practice interview with one of our staff. John cranked out more than a dozen job applications, and after just two weeks had two job offers. He accepted the job with hours that fit better with Kyle’s school schedule and is really liking his new coworkers.

John and Kyle are doing well, working their way back to normal and staying positive. When asked what they appreciated most about Save the Family, John said, “Everything. All the help – the place to stay, the help with the job search, the school supplies – has been awesome.” When we asked Kyle what he appreciated, his answer was simple – his “Batman backpack!”

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