2019 Back to School Bash a Big Success!

More than 300 children were outfitted with backpacks and school supplies at this year’s Back to School Bash, held at Save the Family on Saturday, July 20th.

Thanks to the generosity of donors and volunteers from across the Valley, children from pre-K to high school (and even two college students!) are set up for success for the coming school year.

The Boeing Company, UPS, and Vanguard all sent volunteers who worked in the days leading up to the event and on the big day. Silicon Valley Bank, Sono Bello, KB Home, Empire Caterpillar, ESI Ergonomic Solutions, First United Methodist Church of Mesa, and TGEN provided hundreds of backpacks and a huge stash of school supplies to ensure that children have everything they need.

The provision of school supplies and other essentials makes a real difference for children in need. In Arizona, where more than 1 in 5 children live in poverty, children are missing school because they don’t have the right supplies or clean clothes that fit well. The incredible support from the community through the Back to School Bash ensures our children aren’t faced with these sorts of challenges. It makes a difference in the children’s daily lives as well as their futures. Last year, 91% of children in Save the Family’s programs maintained regular attendance at school. Regular attendance at school has a clear link to academic success – and success down the road.

Thank you to all who demonstrate care and support for the children in our community! And a heartfelt thanks to the donors and volunteers who made the Back to School Bash a blast for the children we serve.

If you’re still interested in helping youth in our programs gear up for school, there’s still time! Please check out Save the Family’s Back to School Wish List online.