Tax Credit

Control Your Tax Dollars

You can get a dollar-for-dollar tax credit against your state income taxes by making a donation to Save the Family!

Simply donate online, mail a check to Save the Family with “tax credit” in the memo line, or contact us via email.

Save the Family’s QCO Code is 20320. You will need this code come tax filing time.

Direct Benefits to You for Giving

  • A charitable contribution will help your community and could directly benefit you.
  • You could receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit ($470 maximum for individuals, $938 for married couples).
  • This contribution may offset your Arizona income tax obligation and is in addition to school, foster child, and other similar tax credits!
  • You can break your contribution into monthly payments – email [email protected] for more information.
For general information about the tax credit, Click here or call (602) 255-3381.