Testimonial from supporter, Yvette Myer

As a long-time member of the real estate industry in Arizona, primarily in the East Valley, I have seen and been involved with the incredible good works done by many nonprofit agencies in our community.

Their individual and collective commitment to identifying and meeting the needs of those who struggle with a range of challenges from poverty and homelessness to addictions and horrific abuse cannot be overstated or under appreciated.

But if I was to single out one organization that is making a significantly measurable difference in the lives of so many individuals and families – and one that moves me on a very personal level – it’s Save the Family.

Beyond providing transitional housing to homeless families and offering services and programs that have put thousands of men, women and children on the path to financial stability, Save the Family staff and volunteers are deeply invested in those they serve.

Spend just a few minutes with virtually anyone on the Save the Family team and you are immediately wrapped up in their commitment to their work and their pride in the achievements of their clients.  While not everyone who passes through their doors is successful, each one is certainly given the opportunity, the tools and the support they need to make positive changes.  And, most do.

That’s a legacy for which they and our community can be very proud.


Yvette Myer

Old Republic Home Protection