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Our Mission

Save the Family equips families to address poverty, overcome homelessness and achieve self-sufficiency.

Save the Family is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Stable Homes. Safe Kids. Strong Families.

We Provide Housing

Operating hundreds of housing units Valley wide, we provide rapid rehousing, transitional housing, and shelter + care for homeless families and housing to keep working poor families stable through market adjusted rents.

We Focus on Children

Nearly 55% of our clients are children. We strive to create stability for homeless children through consistent housing, stable schooling, after-school programs, tutoring, and extracurricular activities.

We Change Lives

We provide a full array of support services to help our clients succeed. We offer financial literacy education, career development support, budgeting workshops, parenting classes, and self-esteem coaching. Our clients’ successes include the following: high school diplomas/GEDs, home ownership, full-time employment, college and post-graduate degrees, scholarships, good credit scores, and savings accounts.

Our History

This year marks more than 32 years of service to the most vulnerable community members across the Valley. Save the Family began serving homeless families when we acquired four housing units in 1988. Soon after they were housed, families recognized the need for services to support their journey into self-sufficiency. In response to those requests, Save the Family offered the first adult and children’s education classes in 1991. At that time, adult classes focused on parenting, as well as personal growth and development. Children’s classes focused on expressive art activities aimed at assisting children in sharing their experiences.

Our Growth

Increasing demand for our services led us to expand our programs into a broad array of offerings, including the following:

  • Youth tuition-based camps and extracurricular activities.
  • Career development services.
  • Financial literacy programming for both adults and youth.
  • Family camps that focus on family dynamics that are built on family strengths.

Despite our growth, our administrative rate remains low and demonstrates just how much of the money raised to support the work goes directly to housing and supportive services for homeless families.

Assessing Our Work

We use pre- and post-standardized assessments, which allows adults and children to report and see changes in their skills as they participate in our programs. Standardized assessments also enable Save the Family to track improvement and trends over time.

To see more videos about Save the Family please visit our YouTube Channel by clicking here.

For more information, contact: info@nullsavethefamily.org or call 480-898-0228.