Holiday Sponsorship

‘Tis the season! The weather is cooling off, and the holidays are fast approaching. As we do every year, we are coordinating the sponsorship of our Save the Family families for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Holiday Sponsorship Program at Save the Family is an amazing way our community shows love and support for homeless families. Companies, church groups, and families have made a tradition of supporting the parents and children who are part of our Save the Family family.


If you are looking to sponsor a family for Thanksgiving this year, the cost will be approximately $70/per family.  Each family is provided with all the necessary items to make a nice turkey dinner with all the trimmings for the Thanksgiving holiday.


For our Christmas sponsorship, all of our participating family members are asked to submit “wish lists” that we can share with our sponsors. We ask that sponsors plan on spending approximately $80-100/per person.  You can choose the size of family you wish to sponsor based on your budget.

We hope you will consider supporting this important program this year so that the many families we serve can look forward to a joyful holiday season knowing they are surrounded by a loving community!

To learn more about sponsorship or to sign up to make the season bright for families that are struggling, please call our Holiday Sponsorship Volunteer line at 480.898.0228 ext. 217 or email us.

Click here to learn more. We are so grateful to you for your interest and ongoing support!