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Dinner Time

Many families resort to “doubling up” with family or friends. This temporary solution jeopardizes stable housing for the family due to landlord-tenant laws.


Bath Time

Daily tasks are difficult for families who are homeless and hidden from public view. Many face incredible challenges in seeking normalcy for children & family life.


Bed Time

Financial hardships often force working poor families to deplete their savings and create makeshift homes in places not meant for habitation.

Save the Family Is Here to Help

Since 1988, Save the Family has offered housing, case management and supportive services designed to equip families to address poverty, overcome homelessness and achieve self-sufficiency.

Can We Count On You?

We can’t serve over 500 families every year without the generosity from community members like YOU! We need your help now more than ever. Consider volunteering, donating and advocating to ensure we can meet the growing needs of homeless families and their children.


Can we count on YOU to volunteer, providing us with your valuable time and expertise? Group and individual-based opportunities are available throughout the year!


Can we count on YOU to support our mission with a monetary gift? All donations are eligible as a dollar-for-dollar credit under the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit!


Can we count on YOU to advocate on behalf of working poor and homeless families? Sign up to learn more about ways to support our efforts with local and state legislatures!