Miraculous transformations for our families

Ah-h-h . . . spring – that welcomed season of renewal. Can you hear it in the chirping of the birds as dawn begins to break? Can you see it in the trees as buds unfold into leaves? Can you smell it in the blossoming of flowers in the plants and shrubs around us?

The unfolding of spring always reminds me of the beautiful transformations that we witness daily in the lives of the families served by Save the Family. For some it’s the journey of leaving an abusive relationship to secure a life of safety and well-being for their families, for others it’s that new found sense of self-confidence as they attain gainful employment, for others it’s achieving a sense of stability as they secure a permanent place to call home. The miraculous transformations in these families are many and as varied as the number of families we serve.

Our programs, planned events and activities help our children and adults find a new sense of normalcy in their lives. They overcome the myriad of struggles leading up to their homelessness and begin to find hope for a brighter future.

Throughout these families’ collective transformations there is one constant . . . YOU . . . and your commitment to their futures.

We thank you tremendously for your passion to end homelessness for those families served by Save the Family and hope that your springtime renewal will include a renewed commitment to the life changing work that we engage in together.

With much gratitude,

Jacki Taylor, CEO


Our youth have a renewed outlook on life…

IMG_3800Last year, Cheyenne entered Save the Family along with her mom and her 5 brothers and sisters. Because of Save the Family’s programs, she has been able to go to summer camp, participate in extracurricular activities and attend regular youth classes that have helped her gain positive life experiences and skills. As a result of being a part of these classes, she has gained more confidence and a greater sense of responsibility. One great accomplishment from this past year is getting 3rd place in a novice fencing tournament of 30 fencing students. She was so proud of herself and as she has continued in the fencing class, she encourages others who are new to the class to work hard and improve.