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Sara had a great summer this year. She attended a day camp style summer program right in her neighborhood, made two new friends her same age, went to the water park, saw a play in a real theater for the first time, and learned how to make chocolate chip cookies. In her words, this was her best summer ever.

Last summer was very different for Sara. She spent most of her days at her aunt’s apartment, where her twelve year old cousin was responsible for watching her and two other cousins. Sara’s mom and aunt both worked full-time, and Sara and her mom were living temporarily in her aunt’s living room until they could afford their own apartment. There wasn’t always food in the house. Things were cramped, and there wasn’t much to do.

This summer was so much better for Sara because she and her mom came to Save the Family. Today, they have their own two-bedroom apartment in one of Save the Family’s affordable housing communities. Sara’s mom got certified as a nursing assistant last fall, and now she’s almost finished with a one-year program to become a licensed practical nurse.

Sara’s attendance at school during the spring semester was one day shy of perfect. She participated in our after school and summer programs which gave her a safe, educational, and fun place to be while her mom worked and attended classes. We are rooting for Sara and her mom and are so glad things are looking up for this family!

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