Marcella’s Story

When Marcella and her two boys emerged from their “tiny house attempt gone wrong,” they found themselves homeless, still reeling from the volatile situation that was life in a school bus with Marcella’s now ex-husband. They landed in Save the Family’s Rapid Rehousing Program, which provides short to medium-term housing solutions for families who need just a short period of intensive assistance to get themselves back on track.

Marcella began working with Save the Family’s Career Development team and they realized her incredible talent for working with children, helping her explore careers in the childcare and early education fields. Save the Family covered the costs of a 12-week online summer certification course, and soon after completion, Marcella landed a new job as a Head Start childcare provider. Her starting wage was almost $2 more per hour than she’d made in her previous role. Just last month, she found out she qualified for a 15% raise.

In the four months since Marcella and her family came to Save the Family, Marcella has increased her earnings by more than 26%!

This incredible success is only possible because of you.

You make it possible for Marcella’s fourteen-year-old son to rediscover his love of board games and activities with friends and family – around a dining room table with room for everyone.

You make it possible for Marcella to devote time to completing coursework that increases her hourly wage. Support families like Marcella’s with a gift to Save the Family today.

*Client name has been changed to protect privacy.