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Our Mission:  Save the Family equips families to address poverty, overcome homelessness and achieve self-sufficiency.

The High Price of Homelessness

The cost of homelessness affects us all–no matter where we live. Families that are not empowered to overcome the emotional and physical issues that arise from homelessness often end up in the criminal justice system or on government assistance, which results in higher costs to taxpayers and society.

In addition, the number of homeless children continues to grow. The Department of Economic Security in Arizona (DES) reported that in Maricopa County and the balance of the state, 78% of children in homeless families were under 12 years old, while 38% of those homeless children were under 5 years old. Most homeless families have a female head of household, and the average family size is 2.6 family members.

Why You Can Feel Good about Contributing

We are a community-based agency, not an international organization with huge overhead. This means that as an individual or organization, you can be certain the money you donate stays here locally to benefit the communities where you work, live, and raise your own families.

Save the Family prides itself on offering a hand up, rather than just a handout, for our client families. Life long self-sufficiency is the goal, and we see the results of the hard work that our client families, generous donors, and dedicated staff are working toward every day.

Support our Mission to Empower Families

To meet the growing demand for our services, Save the Family must expand our contribution base. You can help support our mission to empower families to conquer homelessness and achieve life-long independence in a variety of ways: by volunteering, donating money or other assets, attending our annual fundraising events, and/or by organizing community fundraising events.

Thank you for helping make our community better by getting involved or donating!

For more information please contact development@nullsavethefamily.org or call (480) 466-7705.