Nancy and Aamoria’s Story

Nancy and her 9 year old daughter Aamoria came to Save the Family after sleeping in an emergency shelter for four months. When she entered our program, Nancy was pregnant with her second child. Nine year old Aamoria participated in our Youth Enrichment & Achievement (YEA!) Program and attended school while her mom found employment and attended parenting and budgeting classes.

A few months later, Nancy and Aamoria welcomed their new family addition. It was a little brother for Aamoria. Over the months that passed, while her mom continued to work, save, and learn new skills, Aamoria was excelling in school and bonding with her baby brother.

When the end of the school year was approaching, we asked Aamoria what she wanted to do over the summer. Aamoria said she wanted to go to Camp Sky-Y where she could ride a horse. Her mom could not afford to send her, so we helped her with registration fees. After camp concluded, Aamoria said she had a really great time making new friends and learning new skills.  Above all, her favorite part was riding Patch, one of the horses at camp.

These types of opportunities can have an immense impact on children and can shape their future. Without community support and our partnership with the YMCA, Aamoria would not have had this experience.  We are grateful we could help her!